→ Your membership dues will help NWCEF continue to defend against costly trial lawyer and union initiatives, keeping your insurance rates as low as possible, as well as promote legislation which reduces the costs of workers’ compensation.

→ You will receive timely information about Nebraska’s workers’ compensation system so that you are better prepared for the challenges your organization will face.

→ You will have access to members-only information—a virtual one-stop shop for all things relating to workers’ compensation in Nebraska.

→ You will be able to participate in members-only discussions relating to workers’ compensation issues on our LinkedIn page and website portal.

→ Members are able to attend the annual seminar at no cost.

→ You can help be a part of the solution and have a true impact on your industry.


"The Nebraskans for Workers’ Compensation Equity and Fairness has grown in the last 6-7 years from a small group of professionals and businesses that had an interest in improving the workers’ compensation system in Nebraska to the most influential group on workers’ compensation issues in the state. Associations, state senators, and the major insurance carriers now all look to NWCEF for advice on all workers’ compensation issues.

All businesses are affected by workers’ compensation and should be members of NWCEF to be kept informed and aware."

-Jack Struyk
President, Lockton Company

"Many people refer to workers’ compensation as “work comp.” After 13-plus years in the heavy construction business, I think the “comp” could also stand for “complicated”! There are so many facets to workers’ compensation laws and processes that it is hard to keep track of it all and understand how it affects my business. I value the experts in this organization who have the knowledge and time to tackle the complicated legislative initiatives aimed at ensuring fairness in Nebraska’s workers’ compensation laws – they are my voice in Lincoln. I also value the information and training I have obtained from my involvement with NWCEF as it has helped me develop policies and procedures in my company that help us better handle workers’ compensation claims and control the costs associated with those claims."

-Kara Habrock
Vice President & General Manager, L.G. Roloff Construction

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